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Vanessa Lengies was born in Montréal, Québec, Canada on July 21, 1985. Ever since Vanessa was able to speak she wanted to act. She started professionally acting at the age of 9, in which she did several family cable shows. Vanessa has also done some voice work. Some of her credits include Arthur, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and Radio Active. Vanessa was a co-host on the show , Popular Mechanics for Kids, she was also a fan of the show before becoming a member of the cast.

Vanessa did her first movie (TV) in 2000 called “Ratz”, she was nominated a Young Artist Award for that role.

Vanessa’s real “break” didn’t come until 2002 when she auditioned for the role of “Roxanne Bojarski” for a tv pilot called “American Dreams”. She got the role and the show was then picked up. Unfortunately the show was canceled in it’s 3rd season in 2005.

In 2005 Vanessa co-starred in the movies The Perfect Man & Waiting…. In Spring of 2006 Vanessa had a large role in the sports comedy Stick It. Later in 2006 Vanessa was series regular on the now canceled Lifetime Series “Monarch Cove”. She also guest starred in an episode of “Ghost Whisperer” & did a tv pilot called “Split Decision” that was not picked up. She had also just finished up the film “The Substance of Things Hoped For” which has yet to be released.

2007 was a slow year for Vanessa, she was cast in a pilot that didn’t get picked up and she guest starred in an episode of “Moonlight”.

2008 was a little bit busier for Vanessa. She was in the webseries “Squeegees”, guest starred on an episode of “The Cleaner”, and “Foreign Exchange” was released on DVD.

So far 2009 seems to be a somewhat active year for Vanessa. Earlier this year “Extreme Movie” & “Still Waiting…” were released on DVD. Vanessa also guest starred on an episode of “Medium”. She is also now a regular on the new TNT series “HawthoRNe”.

Biography last updated 06.14.09