Welcome to Vanessa Lengies @ Vanessa-Lengies.com. This is a fan site dedicated to the very talented and beautiful actress Vanessa Lengies. This is the longest running and the largest site dedicated to Vanessa. We have been online since 2003 and our gallery houses over 20,000 pictures. Who is Vanessa? You might recognize her from her roles on various television series including "Second Chance", "Mixology", "HawthoRNe", and "American Dreams" or maybe from her guest starring role as Sugar Motta on "Glee". She has also been in the movies "Stick It", "Waiting..." and "The Perfect Man". Thank you for visiting this site and be sure to visit again!

This is a fan site for the wonderful actress, Vanessa Lengies. The site was made early in November of 2003. It closed in January and re-opened in March. It was originally called Vanessa Web and was hosted at geocities. I then changed the name to Vanessa Online and got hosted by allstarz.org. When I re-opened the site in March 2004 I re-named it Vanessa Style. Then in early 2006 I changed the site’s name to Vanessa Lengies Net… and I promise I won’t change the name again! I bought vanessa-lengies.com in April 2004 and it is hosted by the fantastic Fan-Sites.org!