Welcome to Vanessa Lengies @ Vanessa-Lengies.com. This is a fan site dedicated to the very talented and beautiful actress Vanessa Lengies. This is the longest running and the largest site dedicated to Vanessa. We have been online since 2003 and our gallery houses over 20,000 pictures. Who is Vanessa? You might recognize her from her roles on various television series including "Second Chance", "Mixology", "HawthoRNe", and "American Dreams" or maybe from her guest starring role as Sugar Motta on "Glee". She has also been in the movies "Stick It", "Waiting..." and "The Perfect Man". Thank you for visiting this site and be sure to visit again!

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New Layout + Twitter + Event Pics!
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Hey everyone! The site has a brand new layout, I hope everyone likes it! I think it’s one of my favorites that I’ve ever made for this site. I made a Twitter for Vanessa-Lengies.net, so you guys now follow all our tweets! I added a picture of Vanessa at Sony Pictures Television’s L.A. Screenings from back in May & I added some pictures of Vanny at Hollywood For Habitat For Humanity Build-A-Thon from yesterday! Previews and gallery links are below:

001.jpg 0001.jpg 0002.jpg 0003.jpg 0005.jpg 0004.jpg

Gallery Links:
001 x Public Appearances > 2011 > Sony Pictures Television’s L.A. Screenings – 05.23.11
005 x Public Appearances > 2011 > Hollywood For Habitat For Humanity Build-A-Thon – 06.18.11

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Hey guys, you probably saw an update on here saying that the site had a new owner. Vanessa-Lengies.net was mistakenly given away to someone else, but I was able to get it back. I know Colleen would’ve done a great job with the site but I am at this moment not interested in giving away the site. And I know I’ve been a crummy webmistress lately but sometimes it’s hard for me to get motivated when there isn’t much Vanessa news or event appearances. I have tons of captures & such to be added and a new layout, so please be checking back!

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Been A While..
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Hey guys, I know its been a while since the last update. Life has been crazy with work & school. There hasn’t been much “new” Vanessa stuff to report. Expect an update next week with “HawthoRNe” captures.

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New Site & Gallery Layouts
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Hey! I’ve finally made a new layout for the site. I hope everyone likes it, the other one had been up since November! This layout is much more clean looking. Anyhow, I put a new layout up at the gallery too, click below to see:

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New Layouts & Squeegees
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As you’ve probably notice I’ve put up a new layout here at the main site & at the gallery. I hope you like them both. I also installed WordPress for the site so I’ll be working on converting all the old updates to wordpress. Vanessa had a role in the web series “Squeegees”. I’ve uploaded captures of her episodes.

Gallery Links:
025 x 1×01 Full Frontal
033 x 1×02 Shaved Ice
012 x 1×03 Dirty Money
015 x 1×04 Sex Sells
041 x 1×08 Accidents Happen – Part 1
051 x 1×09 Accidents Happen – Part 2
023 x 1×10 Doody Calls
014 x Bloopers

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New Layout Coming Soon!
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Hi guys, I know it’s been forever since I’ve made an update. I wish Vanessa was more active but she isn’t. The last event she attended was back in April. Come back Vanessa we miss you!! Anyhow, I will be putting up a new layout within the next day or so and I’ll be adding some pictures and cleaning the site up a bit. Btw, we just celebrated 5 years of being online! Thanks to everyone who has visited over the years!!!

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The Latest..
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Sorry for no updates. I know there are some things that I need to add. Look for a full revamp of the site this month.

Vanessa apparently guest starred in the 2nd episode of the A&E series “The Cleaner”, created by American Dreams creator, Jonathan Prince. I’ll try to get captures and a video up of it soon.

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