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“Mixology” Stills, Promos & Trailer Captures

As you probably already all know, Vanessa’s new show “Mixology” has been picked up by ABC, no word yet on when it’ll air. It’s likely to be mid-season replacement show. I’ve added some captures from the trailer, promo photos, and some stills. You can also watch the trailer below. Previews & gallery links are below:

0003.jpg 0046.jpg 0054.jpg 001.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg

Gallery Links:
061 x Television Shows > Mixology > Episode Stills & Promos > Trailer
002 x Television Shows > Mixology > Episode Stills & Promos > Promos
002 x Television Shows > Mixology > Episode Stills & Promos > 1×01 Pilot

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Vanessa Lengies Founds VAROJ! – E-Commerce With a Cause
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Actress Vanessa Lengies, best known for playing Glee’s Sugar Motta, the bitch in Stick It and the foxy underage hostess in Waiting, is launching her own members only e-commerce marketplace… with a twist.

“It’s called VAROJ! Which means “goods” in Esperanto, and VAROJ makes good goods good!” gushes the starlet about her new venture. Every product featured on VAROJ.org will benefit a different charity mindfully selected by the designer.

The site is modern, sophisticated, and fashion forward which contradicts our association with charity products being crunchy and granola. “We found all these businesses making fantastic products,” says Lengies, “we asked each of them what good cause they were passionate about and paired them together! It makes “giving” limitless, with no more sacrificing for quality or design! Everything is handpicked for greatness and the donation is baked in the MSRP so our VAROJ members are getting the best price.”

In today’s oversaturated market of flash-sale sites, it’s refreshing to hear someone has created a new model, and one that is good for humanity to boot. With all the chaos in the world, we can get behind more giving, sharing, and supporting of one another.

You can check it out for yourself by requesting membership at VAROJ.org. The site launched for the US on September 26th 2012.

VAROJ.org is a marketplace for high quality products with fabulous design aesthetic that fund good causes. VAROJ.org pairs celebrities, artisans, and brands with good causes, delivering their members a curated collection of items: from apparel, accessories and art, to pets, home and lifestyle. All of which include a donation of at least 10% of the retail price made directly to charity. VAROJ.org is available by membership-only. Membership is free, but restricted, ensuring a positive experience for both members and merchant partners. VAROJ headquarters are located in Venice Beach, California.

For more about the project, visit Facebook.com/Varoj.org, Twitter.com/Varoj_org or Pinterest.com/Varoj.

Vanessa Lengies’ personal twitter account is @littlelengies an odd handle for someone with such big ideas.

Watch video below:

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“Glee” 3×02 I Am Unicorn: Captures + Video
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Vanessa wasn’t in last night’s episode of “Glee” very much but I added HD captures & a video of her scenes. Video link, previews and gallery link are below:

3x02_I_Am_Unicorn_0001.jpg 3x02_I_Am_Unicorn_0005.jpg 3x02_I_Am_Unicorn_0008.jpg 3x02_I_Am_Unicorn_0009.jpg 3x02_I_Am_Unicorn_0019.jpg 3x02_I_Am_Unicorn_0032.jpg

Gallery Link:
032 x Television Shows > Glee > 3×02 I Am Unicorn

Video Link:
•  Glee: 3×02 I Am Unicorn

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Catch Up Post: CSI:Miami Captures & Video

Hello, I’m working on getting the gallery caught up on everything we are missing. Today I added HD captures of Vanessa on CSI:Miami from last year. I also uploaded a video clip of it to our video archive. Previews, gallery link, & video link are below:

CSIMiami_9x06_Reality_Kills_0037.jpg CSIMiami_9x06_Reality_Kills_0103.jpg CSIMiami_9x06_Reality_Kills_0168.jpg CSIMiami_9x06_Reality_Kills_0180.jpg CSIMiami_9x06_Reality_Kills_0296.jpg CSIMiami_9x06_Reality_Kills_0321.jpg

Gallery Link:
324 x Television Shows > Guest Appearances > CSI: Miami – 9×06 Reality Kills

Video Link:
•  CSI:Miami: 9×06 Reality Kills

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Captures + Video of Vanessa on “Glee”
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What did everyone think of Vanessa on “Glee”? I personally can’t wait to see more of her on the show! Anyway, I made a new layout for the gallery and I also finally made a Video Archive for the site! Not much in there now but I’ll be adding more. I uploaded a video from Vanessa’s scenes on “Glee”. I added HD captures to the gallery as well. Video link, previews and gallery link are below:

3x01_The_Purple_Piano_Project_0013.jpg 3x01_The_Purple_Piano_Project_0036.jpg 3x01_The_Purple_Piano_Project_0056.jpg 3x01_The_Purple_Piano_Project_0059.jpg 3x01_The_Purple_Piano_Project_0063.jpg 3x01_The_Purple_Piano_Project_0097.jpg

Gallery Link:
114 x Television Shows > Glee > 3×01 The Purple Piano Project

Video Link:
•  Glee: 3×01 The Purple Piano Project

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